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Fundamental aspects of the layout of Cragmont Estates were formalized with the filing of a subdivision in 1919. There are three aspects of this filing that are notable. The first is that it established lot sizes of about 1/4 of an acre. The second is that it designed these lots with lot lines oriented almost exactly N-S and E-W. (Note the North arrow just above the Scale.) One must conclude that whoever designed this original filing had never visited Centaur Mountain - the mountain that this original filing lies upon. This bizarre filing would have profound implications when an actual, livable subdivision was ultimately filed. The third aspect is that the design included 20 ft. wide lanes separating all N-S rows of lots. These details are discussed more fully in the text in the lower right hand corner of the filing which is in larger form below. This is "filing" 19111273, [ For all of these plats a larger version can be obtained by clicking on the plat.] All documents related to land use are filed using a "Reception" number. All such filed documents should be a part of the Closing Documents for all Parcels in Cragmont Estates. Each such Reception number is highlighted in red.

The text of this filing has been enlarged below.

We have no records for the next 73 years, or so. The "Cragmont Estates" land subdivided in 1919 was land-locked. To cure thisl William Prescott obtained an easement from Mike Earley's family granting access across the Earley land to open up for development Blocks A & B in the 1919 "Cragmont Estates" subdivision.
This Easement is a 4 page .pdf document that is Reception 94121217 and  can be found here. Note that this Easement appears to grant rights to only residents of Cragmont Estates. This will form a basis for a legal challenge some time down the road -  more later.
 Perhaps this is a good time to introduce the concept of "Exceptions" that get filed with your deed at Closing. These are very important documents and, for that reason, I have highlighted in red all the Exceptions found in our Closing papers. These Exceptions, for example restrict what we can build on our land, what colors we can paint or otherwise finish our home and they also grant us an easement to access our property which would otherwise be landlocked.
The map that was filed with the Earley easement is below. The text is just the surveyors description of the roadway. The first "block" it enters is Block B. It was filed as Reception: 0121194. What we know as the bob sled run is the upper 2/3 of this easement.

Once Blocks B and A were no longer land-locked a developer named William Prescott (dba JAWP) and owners of property know as the Tadraco property and Handley property and other properties joined together and undertook to create a viable re-subdivision on part of the subdivision that was filed 75 years before. They not only filed a subdivision but, at the same time, created a Home Owner's Association - the Cragmont Estates Homeowners Association (CEHOA). They accomplished this by filing Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions -  what we today refer to as the CCRs - F0020623. Copies of these CCRs and all the other Governing Documents for the CEHOA can be found on their web site: www.cehoa.net.  All these Parcels were created in Blocks A & B in the original Cragmont Subdivision. It is important to note the lower case "o" in the word "original". Ron Lewis apparently became the owner of a large part of Blocks C & D of this original 1919 subdivision. He filed a subdivision also creating an HOA called Original Cragmont - F0165794.

This subdivision assembled usually four of the original 1919 lots into Parcels of about 2 acres (covered  more in the "Parcels"  section). The subdivision also created 25, 30 and 40 foot wide Ingress, Egress, Utility and Emergency Access Easements called the Interior Road Easements. This designation was to distinguish them from the 50 foot wide Exterior Road Easement which was created as a result of an agreement between Mike Earley's family and Prescott.
To get a better understanding of how Cragmont Estates fits into the original 1919 subdivision CE is overlaid in red on the 1919 4-Block Plat. Far more accurate Parcels will be found in the "Parcel" section.

Individual Parcels were sold to various builders and a quick look at Jeffco records indicate that the first homes were constructed around 1996. A look at the first sections of the CCRs indicate that the HOA was under the control of the Declarant (Prescot) for some time. However, once the CCR subdivision was filed CEHOA existed and as much history as I have is summarized below. Additions and corrections very welcome.

Each year is summarized in two lines. The first line includes the President and the "Annual Summary" This is usually the presentation given by the President at the Annual Meeting early in the following year. The second line includes the Treasurer and the "Budget v. Actual". This is the best final financial document I could find for any given year.

The end of each two line "year" are the names of the additional Board Members for that year.



Additional Board Members
1996 President   Annual Summary  
Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
1997 President   Annual Summary  
Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
1998 President   Annual Summary  
Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
1999 President   Annual Summary  
Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
2000 President   Annual Summary  
Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
2001 President   Annual Summary  
Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
2002 President   Annual Summary  
Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
2003 President   Annual Summary  
Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
2004 President Barry Solomon Annual Summary

Kerry Shackelford,

Jim Blancett,

Jim Samuelson,

Krystal Ryan.

Treasurer   Budget v. Actual


President Mike O'Connell Annual Summary

Jeff Anderson

Jim Samuelson

Barry Salomon

Treasurer Kerry Shackelford Budget v. Actual

In April of 2005 the CEHOA Board began the process of litigation about the use of the easement across the Earley property. Mike Earley challenged the use of Ron Lewis and the Owners and Residents in Original Cragmont across his land and thereby using the easement granted to residents of Cragmont Estates. CEHOA agreed to fund this case. This case was heard in District court and Earley (and the CEHOA) won. However, Ron Lewis Appealed the verdict in Appellate Court and prevailed at this level. The CEHOA made the decision to not expend any more money on this issue.

2006 President Mike O'Connell Annual Summary

Jeff Anderson

Jim Samuelson

Eric Protzman

Donna Malone

Birgit Sumner

Charlie Neppell

Treasurer Kerry Shackelford Budget v. Actual
  In 2006 the Second Paving Project was underway. This project took two years - far too long and everyone concerned will have a different explanation. Here is one of the summaries prepared for an Owner Meeting: link to Power Point Presnetation
2007 President   Annual Summary

Rick Kurtz

Don Fazzan

Jim Riley

Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
2008 President Rick Kurtz Annual Summary

Donna Malone

Barry Solomon

Richard Traynor

Treasurer Jeff Anderson Budget v. Actual
2009 President   Annual Summary  
Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
2010 President Kathy Davies Annual Summary

Kathy Gannon

Jim Rohrer

Treasurer David Carlton Budget v. Actual
2011 President Jeff Anderson Annual Summary  
Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
2012 President   Annual Summary

Mark Nelson

Tom Sullivan

Pete Williams

George Nelson

Mike Bornhouser Charlie Neppell

Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
2013 President Charlie Neppell Annual Summary

Mike Bornhouser

George Nelson

Chuck Aid.

Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
2014 President Pete Williams Annual Summary

Mike Pell

Moni McCoy

Rich Traynor,

Shane Doig

Chuck Aid.

Treasurer   Budget v. Actual
2015 President Pete  Williams Annual Summary

Rita  Sullivan,  

Moni  McCoy,

Rich  Traynor.    

Shane  Doig,    

Treasurer Bill  Osborn Budget v. Actual
2016 President Pete  Williams Annual Summary

Moni  McCoy

Charlie  Neppell

David  Carlton  

Rita  Sullivan

Treasurer Bill  Osborn Budget v. Actual
2017 President   Annual Summary  
Treasurer   Budget v. Actual


Charlie Neppell