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Living on Centaur Mountain
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There are literally dozens of issues that may be of interest to new residents on Centaur Mountain.

Assuming that at least one of these issues may be of interest to at least one resident, I have adopted a different presentation format. Each issue is listed in the following table. The list is actually a link and if you click on the link the full issue will appear.

Living in just about every section of this country presents challenges - the Foothills of Colorado are no exception.

However, few areas present as many rewards as do this area: visual, wildlife, sports (as participant and/or spectator), city life, clean air, etc.

There are challenges. Experience, contributions from others, and facts gathered mostly from other web sites, are presented to help the newly arrived, or long-time resident, cope with some of these challenges.
Emergency Needs (Police, EMS, Fire  -       911
Lightning    ~
Drinking Water Wells Septic Systems Electric Power Failures
"Attitude Sickness" High Altitude Cooking

Winter Driving

A few years ago it occurred to me that I had some considerable experience in winter driving.  Subsequently I wrote this 6 page memo (4 pages of text) and I think that one or two residents actually read some of it. The document focuses on 6 areas:

  • Road Conditions

  • Plowing/Sanding/Salting of Roads

  • Driver Awareness

  • Tires

  • Vehicle

  • Driver, Tire, Vehicle Familiarity


Winter Driving Thoughts - Memo
Evergreen Park and Recreation District

The second Special District in Evergreen is the EPRD. The EPRD is funded by taxes (a line item on  your Jeffco property tax bill and program fees. The District maintains three major facilities: Wulf Recreation Center, Evergreen Lake House and Buchanan Park Recreation Center.

The Recreation District concuducts over 50 programs. These programs are best understood on the District's web site:

Evergreen Addressing Schemes Evergreen Newcomers and Neighbors

The Evergreen Newcomers have numerous Activity Groups and Volunteer Opportunities and is a great way to meet people.. To better know this group:

Evergreen Library

The Evergreen Library, is part of the Jefferson County Library and is located in t he complx at the traffic light intersection of Rt. 73 and Buffalo Park Rd.


  Wildland Fires  

Centaur Mountain is just about in the center of the "Wildland-Urban Interface". One of the issues we have to deal with in this area are wildland fires - just as other areas of the country have to deal with tornados and floods. This does not call for panic or should effect the way we enjoy our beautiful countryside. However, as with most such issues some knowledge and preparation is necessary. Two useful links are:

The advice on having a bag or bags packed and ready and to have the outside of our homes is also very good.

I have be a wildland firefighter for 6 years, and a member of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Incident Management Team for 14 years and continue on that group.. During this time I have been a member of the incident management team on about 10-12 fires, and the Windsor Tornado, in the north-east Colorado area. In addition, in 2002 I was hired for 10 days by the Federal Government to be a Situation Leader on the Hayman Fire with the Type I Team: California Team 5. The Hayman Fire was the largest fire in Colorado history at that time. Unfortunately, it has been significantly surpassed. A summary of the fires in this area is on this map.

In order to illustrate the relative size of the Hayman Fire to the Evergreen District I produced this map (this Situation Leader is primarily responsible for maintaining an accurate map of the fire). The Hayman Fire moved 19 miles in the first day. If it had continued at this pace and direction it would have reached the Evergreen District in the second day.

Please take all of this as background information. The Evergreen District is surrounded on most sides with many fire breaks: roads, open fields and houses.

Centaur Mountain is vulnerable to a wildland fire. I would suspect one that starts more locally in one of the dense stands of trees and slash and is wind-driven in this direction.

There is considerable mitigation that could be done in and around centaur mountain. The task is to find the will and funding.


Charlie Neppell