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Jefferson County has a very useful mapping function, jMap: http://maps.jeffco.us/ . There are two versions, jMap and ASPIN. ASPIN is the Assessor's mapping and does not have nearly as many Layers as does jMap.

Once in jMap you should click on the first large icon "Layers" and this will bring up all available layers. The binocular icon will bring up a search capability. The easiest way to find a property of interest is to just enter the street address number - AND NOTHING ELSE. The map will bring up about a dozen addresses in Jeffco with that number and you just select your's.

Even though jMap has lot and Parcel lines, they are very hard to read. For that reason, I have created a series of maps with Cragmont Estates (other subdivisions tbd) with the parcel lines overlaid with more visible blue or yellow lines. In addition I have merged maps and other data from the second paving project.

Small examples of each series are below. If you click on the sample a large .pdf file will download. These files need to be large so when expanded the smallest detail can be seen. Surveying for most of these maps has been done by Feroldi and company. I would suggest if any future survey issues arise that the best place to start would be with his firm as they would have all the historical data.

A CAVEAT: I have checked every parcel in Cragmont Estates against the Jeffco information. The Parcels in this section of the web should be taken as approximations and not actual surveyed maps.





File with a white background, homes, roadways, driveways and 5' contours. (click on image to download the full .pdf file, ~760MB)

The next file is identical, but with a gray background. Some of the finer lines from the surveyor's base file show up better when viewed against gray. However, a gray section of the file uses a lot of ink to print.





File with a gray background, homes, roadways, driveways.. (click on image to download the full .pdf file, ~760MB)




This file emphasized the roadway easements (in yellow). (click on image to download the full .pdf file, ~760MB)

This file uses an aerial photo for the background. I am trying to get a better aerial photo.

For now: click on image to download the full .pdf file, ~760MB



In January 2006 Ron Lewis purchased many of the "Platted Roads" - the 20 foot wide strips of land that separate our Parcels in some areas. These are shown in yellow on this map.

I believe that some Owners have purchased parcels that adjoined their land  from Ron Lewis.

I had occasion to negotiate easements with Ron Lewis and Norm Lewis, his son. If any other Owners desire to negotiate the purchase of one or more of these Platted Roads I would suggest contacting Norm Lewis.  I think I have his phone number somewhere.

Each year there seems to be conflict about snowplowing at one or more end of the roads. The HOA only has responsibility to take care of land within its Right-of-Way. However, snowplowing is not that simple at the end of our roadways. In my opinion, the Snowplowing Contact person from the HOA Board needs to meet with the contractor and the residents at the end of the HOA Rights-of-Way and work out an equitable arrangement for the plowing and storing of snow. The surveyed Rights-of-Way are in the following sections.
The yellow lines represent the surveyed HOA Right-of-Way. The solid line is the center line of the ROW and the dashed lines are the borders.
The HOA is responsibility of maintenance of the roadway rights-of-way. Frequently this comes up in the winter in relation to snowplowing. Below are the original surveys of the end-of-roads and the theoretical end of the HOA responsibility. However, experience, and some practical thinking, indicate that the snowplow can not just end at these boundaries and leave a great wall of snow. Each year it is best if the Snowplowing Contract (from the Board) meet with the local residents and the contractor to develop a plan for disposal of the snow at the ends of these roads.

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